Learn about Genealogy

I stumbled across this article today, about a gentleman who teaches a free course on genealogical research, which is increasingly frequented by senior citizens. Unfortunately, he teaches it in New York City — which is less than ideal for many of my readers. Genealogy can be exciting for anyone, but I think it is of special interest to seniors, so if you’d like to dive in, you can get free classes online from BYU, or online classes from the National Geological Society that are free to members.


Exercise Your Brain!

I’m a firm believer in common sense. So, when articles started coming out a few years ago about all of those “brain game” programs only improving ones ability to play that particular game, but not improving overall cognition, that made sense to me. But similarly, it also makes sense to me that your brain needs exercise, and if you’re not exercising it, it will lose function. Therefore, it comes as no surprise at all that a general brain fitness program can improve cognition. Go exercise your brain!

Neuron Exercise

Curative vs. Palliative — There Isn’t One Answer

This year, Medicare began reimbursing doctors for having end-of-life discussions as a separate, billable service. The reality is, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. There are challenges with the American view towards death, and questions regarding quality of life, religion, and social policy. This article for USA Today does a surprisingly good job of hitting on the key points, at least at a cursory level.