Forty Years of Black History Month

On this day in 1976, U.S. News & World Report published A Bicentennial Guide to Black History, as February, 1976, was the first official Black History Month. From there, the idea spread, and now Black History Month is celebrated in the United Kingdom, and in Canada. The reason the article struck me was that Black History Month grew out of Negro History Week — a major success that began in 1926. Reading that article from 1976, I reflect on how much time has changed, and how much readers of this blog are, yourselves, part of history — after all, you were almost certainly an adult in 1976. Give the article a read, and see how much you think things have changed.


Nursing Home Ratings

Recently, I wrote about some sub-par ratings that some nursing homes had received from Medicare. As I was reading the news this morning, I came across yet another article highlighting this problem, and I realized something — neither article gave a link to the actual data. So, here it is. Of course, Medicare ratings won’t give you enough information to let you pick the right nursing home — but they may well help you make some early eliminations and avoid major problems down the road.

Star Rating

Financial Perks of Getting Older

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a number of financial perks that are available to the elderly — largely in the form of AARP discounts. But actually, there are quite a few more financial perquisites that one acquires with age. The good folks at Money magazine have compiled a list of 10 such benefits. They cover everything from tax implications, to free education. Of course, almost all the things they mention require a little more research, but it’s a great list to use as a starting point!

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