Dementia Getting Rarer, Coming Later

Among the alarming list of maladies that seem to be getting progressively worse in the U.S., we have some good news when it comes to dementia. In a forty-year study covering over 5,000 people, reported in the New England Journal of Medicine  it appears that things are getting better. Not only is the onset of dementia coming later (average onset age of 85 now, vs. 80 in the 1970s), there appears to be an overall 20% reduction in the risk of developing dementia at all.

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Step Back! I Know Cane-Fu!

When I first saw the title of this article — Senior citizens embrace ‘cane-fu’ to help fight off trouble — I immediately understood the idea, but thought the name was just a joke, or maybe some marketing buzz to grab headlines. But it turns out, cane-fu actually exists, with over 300 instructors worldwide. And, as all good martial arts, its not just about the fighting, it teaches prevention, and how to keep yourself out of harms way; how to lessen your chances of becoming a target. So, if you’re self-defense minded, take a search around your local area. Maybe there’s a cane-fu instructor near you.


Are You A Drug Mule?

If you’ve flown internationally since 9/11, then you’ve undoubtedly encountered the enhanced security questions that everyone gets asked these days. One of those questions is, often, “are you carrying anything for anyone else”, or some variant on it. I’ve never really thought much about this particular question, even when the answer has been “yes”, but it may turn out to be more important than you think. It seems, there’s an ongoing scam to get seniors to inadvertently become drug mules  So, be very careful from whom you accept packages if you’re traveling abroad.