New Research on Falling

A few weeks ago, we reported the increase in the rate of falls amongst the elderly, and, at the time, there was some speculation that the increase in falling was due to the increase in activity — which was really a mixed bag, in terms of potential outcomes. Clearly, being active is important for the elderly, so the fact that it might also have negative impacts was a little saddening. Fortunately, new research is out. It turns out, particularly amongst the elderly, the most common reason for falling is infection. So, see your doctor regularly, and keep active!

Ear Infection


You’ve Heard of The Marriage [tax] Penalty, but What about The Age Penalty?

Charles “Doc” Anderson is a State Representative in Texas. He recently wrote an opinion piece in the Waco Tribune which calls out some unique “penalties” in the tax code associated with the elderly. He correctly calls out that not only are seniors typically paying at a higher tax rate than the wealthiest Americans, but also that there are other, less obvious penalties — for example, after the death of a spouse, lowering deductions and personal exemptions. As a senior, this is definitely worth considering in terms of the upcoming election cycle.

Tax forms_Money

[VIDEO] Big Phone Scam from Montego Bay, Jamaica

We’ve written before about phone scams, particularly those targeting the elderly. But this particular scam is both big, and close to home. They’re not, infamously, asking you to send money to Nigeria; instead, they’re coming out of Jamaica — praying on seniors for $1,500 a pop to a grand total of over $300 million per year. This CNN video and article claim that the callers have prayed upon the same people so many times, that they may have even driven one senior to suicide. If you have relatives with dementia or Alzheimer’s, take extra care.

Phone Scam