$18.1 Billion in Senior Student Loans

Up until 1996, social security checks were entirely protected from any kind of garnishment. Then, Congress carved out an exception for student loan debt. With 706,000 homes headed by a senior citizen, aged 65 or over, that is still carrying student loan debt (and a whopping $18.1 billion in total), it’s worth keeping in mind that if you fall behind on those payments, your social security check is not immune. Aside from the best advice — keep up on your payments — it may also be worth reaching out to your representatives. Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) is leading up an effort to review the current rules.

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The Act Is Back!

Last week, this blog reported the Older Americans Act had lapsed. Earlier this week, The National Law Review reported that the Senate passed the Older Americans Reauthorization Act of 2015. Welcome back, Act! This week marks the 50th anniversary of the signing into law of the original Older Americans Act, and this new reauthorization will support many of the initiatives discussed over the course of last week, including providing nutritional services for nearly 12 million seniors, and specific support for home-delivered meals.

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Are You Healthier? Yes, You Are.

As much as this blog has been harping on about being careful while engaging in activities, increases in split-and-fall accidents, etc…, etc…, the truth of the matter is, you folks all seem to be much healthier than you used to be. Over the past 15 years, deaths, hospital stays, and healthcare costs have all decreasedfor America’s elderly. In fact, the rates have fallen so much that there have been literally millions of fewer people hospitalized than there would have been had the rates from 1999 held out. Here’s to your health!