Movie Review — or, Maybe A New Job: The Intern

This 3-star review of Nancy Meyer’s latest film, The Intern, concludes, “As Meyers films usually are, ‘The Intern’ is a clumsy but diabolically brilliant commercial for American prosperity.” So, you may or may not want to go see the film. But, we found the review itself to be fairly inspiring. It does seem true “that retirees with a lifetime of real-world experience in both life and business would have a lot to contribute to any business and a lot of free time to do it in.” Maybe there should be more senior-citizen interns.

Senior_Computer Instructor


Not Just Aikido, but Also Tai Chi

Inspired, we can only imagine, but this blog’s discovery of the Russian scientists believe that aikido helps prevent the elderly from falling, Minnesota’s commissioners of human services and health are currently promoting the benefits of tai chi in reduces falls amongst the elderly. OK, we’ll admit: maybe it wasn’t our article. Maybe their inspiration was a publication from the Oregon Research Institute, which shows that a “24-week tai chi course was more effective in preventing falls among people with Parkinson’s disease than conventional and more costly stretching and strength programs”.

Tai Chi


Winter Is Coming

It’s official. As of 4:23AM, EDT, this morning, the autumnal equinox was upon us (don’t get us started on why daylight savings time changes don’t align with the equinox). And that means, from here on out, the days are going to be shorter than the nights (though curiously, sunrise and sunset times do not change equally). But don’t get too alarmed just yet. First, it means this blog will have plenty of great, autumnal posts over the next 3 months. And second, the NOAA predicts above average temperatures at least through the middle of October.