Good News / Bad News on Senior Health

Which do you want first? The good news or the bad? Well, the good news is, the number of preventable hospitalizations amongst seniors is down 11% since 2013. That’s excellent! However, there’s a 15% increase in the number of elderly who do not get enough exercise regularly. Fierce Healthcare covers the America’s Health Rankings report in more detail, but the bottom line is clear, and it’s been said on this blog before. Get out there and get moving! Come on — don’t you want to do better than Mother Tally? Make it a goal to be playing your sport until you’re 105!



Happy Birthday, Mother Tally!

It just wouldn’t be right to pass up wishing a happy birthday to the oldest living person, not just in the U.S., but in the world! Jeralean “Mother” Tally was born May 23rd, 1899 in Georgia. Some of you may think you’re old, but how many can claim to have lived in three centuries! And it’s not as if she’s been doddering around for decades — she was an active bowler until she was 104! For Lincoln, four-score and seven was a long time, but not for Mother Tally; she was 36 years old when she moved to Michigan, and is well past four-score and seven years in the Detroit area. Happy Birthday, and may you have many more!

Happy Birthday

If You Think Getting Old Is Hard, Try Doing It in Prison

In the opening episode of The News Room, the character Will McAvoy goes on a tirade, ultimately declaring that the only thing America is #1 at is putting people in prison. It’s fiction, and the scene is intentionally hyperbolic and inflammatory, but the reality is, the War on Drugs put a lot of people in jail for a very long time. And no matter what your politics, the truth is also that we as a society are bearing the costs as inmates age. In 2010 there were nearly a quarter of a million elderly in prison, and the Federal healthcare costs alone were over $1 billion. The Washington Post provides a very detailed article for those who want to dig deeper.