USDA Working to Increase Access for Seniors to Key Programs

The USDA has a bunch of programs that specifically target older Americans. The Daily Journal Online goes into great depth on exactly how the USDA is working to improve the health and well-being of the elderly. Obviously, being the USDA, a great deal of attention is placed on nutritional assistance. Not only is nutrition core to the USDA mission, but this is an area where the elderly are particularly vulnerable. But the article also covers home investments (both single and multi-family), as well as general community investments.


It’s National _____ Month

You may not know it, but July is National Hot Dog Month (yes, that’s really a thing), National Picnic Month, National Blueberry Month, and National Recreation Month. The great thing about all these crazy commemorations is that they can serve as inspiration for some great outdoor activities at any age. Even if you don’t like hot dogs, who doesn’t like ice cream? So, why not make some of your own? Elder One Stop has some great suggestions for almost every day (and there a plenty of special days to commemorate, too; like, July 29th — National Lasagna Day).

Seniors_Food Stand

Precautions to Take in This Summer Heat

Summer is a great time of year! There’s lots of fun to be had at all ages, but for the elderly in particular, some caution should be exercised in the summer heat. The CDC has helpfully put together a helpful list. These 9 tips are particularly crafted for those 65 and older. As a bonus, they also have connected links for a bunch of other categories of people who need to pay special attention to certain things during the summer heat, including infants and children, the chronically ill, athletes, and many others.