Where Do Candidates Sit on Voting Rights?

OK, I acknowledge — readers of this blog are not predominantly teenage girls. So, why am I referencing a Cosmopolitan article this week? Because they make some valid points, at least one of which directly applies to seniors. Their article, 5 Issues Wednesday Night’s GOP Debate Failed to Cover, correctly points out that the candidates didn’t discuss voting rights — and voter registration is a big deal for the elderly. Of course, we’re still a ways from the primaries, but regardless of your political affiliation, don’t you want to know where the candidates come down on these issues?

Ballot Box


Senior Falls May Be Preventable

Ronan Mangcucang Factora, MD, of the Center for Geriatric Medicine, wrote a column today on the risks of falling amongst the elderly. The article stresses that falls amongst those over age 65 can often be extremely damaging, if not outright deadly. But Dr. Factora provides a number of suggestions on how to mitigate your risk. Of course, some factors can’t really be changed (e.g., Parkinson’s disease), but many can be. Take a look at the article, and then see if your doctor can help you reduce the risk of severe damage from falling.



You’re Not Too Old to Make A Difference

The Huffington Post has a series, “What’s Working: Sustainable Development Goals,” and in this piece they interview Esther Wamera, a human rights activist from Nairobi, Kenya. The exciting thing is not that there’s a woman from Kenya working as an activist with NGOs. The exciting thing is that she’s 78 years old. This month, she’ll be traveling to New York, to meet with the U.N. If a 78 year old from the middle of Africa can help change the world, certainly you can, too.