Senior Depression: Underdiagnosed amongst African Americans?

Steve Manas at Rutgers University published an article for NorthStar News Today: Therapy gap for depressed Black Seniors. Unfortunately, the article itself reads as if it’s drawing fallacious conclusions, and while it provides a link to an abstract, it doesn’t provide a link to the original research in full. But even if the article is a bit hyperbolic, or even potentially incorrect, the issue is still worth noting. There’s no question that seniors can suffer from depression, and we’d do well to make sure treatment is available to those who need it.



Vaccines — Not Just for Children

For the last several years, there’s been much hullabaloo about vaccinations. But that commotion is usually centered around which vaccines should be given to children, and when. Sometimes we forget that there are important vaccinations for adults to get as well. Of course, every year there’s the usual reminders about flu vaccinations, but there are a number of other vaccinations that the elderly in particular should consider: pneumonia, tetanus, and shingles, to name a few. Next time you see your doctor, make sure to ask whether you should get these or not.



Check Your Retirement Community’s Online Security

The Chicago Sun Times wrote a fairly extensive article yesterday, covering a scam where two Filipinos duped 200 elderly Americans out of $10 million. This blog has covered the danger of financial fraud against seniors many times, and we don’t necessarily want to keep beating that horse, but there was one thing that really caught our attention. The scamsters found their dupes by doing online research of American retirement communities. So, you may want to take a look at what your community puts online, and what security standards they’re following.

Online Security