Use That Cane!

It’s now fairly common knowledge that it’s incredibly important for the elderly to continue being active as much as possible. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be careful. In a somewhat surprising and concerning release from the National Center for Health Statistics, the fall injury death rate for those 65 and older nearly doubled from 29.6 to 56.7 per 100,000 since the turn of the Millennium. If you’re a senior citizen, stay active, but stay safe — don’t be afraid to use a mobility device. And if you’re the loved one of a senior citizen, keep in mind that a nice walking stick might make a great gift. The full CDC release is password protected, but Medscape covers the highlights.

elderly gentleman walking in Italy with a cane

What LBJ’s Great Society Can Do for You

In continued celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Older Americans Act — part of Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society reforms — it seems worthwhile to take a look at what the act actually does for you. Many seniors are aware of programs specifically targeting them, like Medicaid, but that’s not part of the OAA. In fact, the OAA remains the primary piece of legislation focused on providing services to adults, aged 60 and over. The OAA encompasses everything from Adult Protective Services to the National Eldercare Locator Service. There’s a great introduction as a guest column at the Wallowa County Chieftain.
a group of senior citizens cheering

Who Needs Cheap When You Can Have Free?

Last week Wednesday’s blog post covered a Motley Fool article highlighting some discounts for seniors. This week, the Fool steps it up a notch, with 13 things you or your elderly relatives may be able to get for free. You may already know about some of these (like free credit reports), but others might be surprising — the list includes everything from cell phone service to tax counseling. Requirements and availability vary, but it’s probably worth taking a look at the list, just to get an idea of the surprising things that are available. From there, you can explore more on your own!

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