States Taking Steps to Prevent Senior Fraud

If you’ve read this blog for a while, then you’re certainly aware of the continual, ever-growing fraud perpetrated against seniors. But today, we have positive news on the other side of that problem. State regulators, in the form of North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA — a group of securities regulators from the United States, Canada and Mexico) are working on model laws that all states could implement. As of June 12th, 3 states had enacted laws specifically to protect seniors; but model legislation can help the process move more quickly through other states.

Anti Fraud


6 Ways to Keep The Blues Away This Autumn

Dr. Nina Radcliff put together this list for the Washington Post, and while it’s not strictly speaking for seniors only, we certainly thinks it applies to you folks just as well as everyone else. The goals of the tips are to take advantage of the Goldilocks weather that comes in the autumn (not too hot, and not too cold), while simultaneously fighting off any seasonal-affective disorder that may be sneaking up on you. And, of course, since she’s a doctor, she also reminds you to wash your hands and get a flu shot.



Silicon Valley Looking at Seniors

With the growing elderly population, their financial stability, and the revenue possibilities, it should be no surprise that startups are finally starting to look at seniors as a viable market. Kylie Gumpert reports for Reuters on a number of companies in this space, covering primarily monitoring equipment startups — the 21st Century solution to “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”. It remains to be seen if “Nurse Molly” will be better than Siri, but Price Waterhouse Coopers expects these startups to disrupt the current $64 billion industry.