PBS Special: Caring for Mom and Dad

Last Thursday, PBS aired a special hosted by Meryl Streep titled “Caring for Mom & Dad”. The New York Times published a review in anticipation of the show, and makes some valid points. We all have heard the statistic that with the ageing Baby Boomer population, soon the elderly will outnumber the young; but a lot of times, conversations never go farther than, “Your parent has Alzheimer’s, and you’re caring for her? That must be hard.” This show makes an effort to go deeper. And in the age of the Internet, the fact that it was on last week doesn’t matter one bit — you can watch it here.

A screen-shot of the PBS website

3 Ways to Help Solve Senior Hunger

No matter what your political affiliation or views towards charity, no one wants to see senior citizens starving. Sadly, millions of elderly Americans have to make difficult choices about whether or not to eat a healthy meal. Feeding America issued a press release last week that provides three great ways you can get involved in solving this problem without having to write a check:
  • Take a photograph holding a handwritten #SolveSeniorHunger sign and post to social media with the hashtag to elevate the issue
  • Organize a senior food drive to provide food and grocery items unique to senior needs
  • Tell your Member of Congress to support a strong Older Americans Act to provide health and nutrition services to seniors in need

Senior Hungry

8 Senior Scams, And How to Avoid Them

The elderly are, unfortunately, a natural target for scammers and con artists. In fact, 1 in 5 senior citizens have been hit by a scam, and this “industry” nets over $2.6 billion per year. The FBI has put together a detailed list of the 8 scams most frequently used against the elderly. Not only do they explain the scams in detail, they give you a fairly comprehensive list of tips on how to avoid each one. Also, if you or a loved one have been victimized by one of these scams, they provide Internet links and phone numbers for reporting the crime to the FBI.

someone trying to steal a senior citizen's piggy bank