AMAC: Another Conservative Group for The Elderly

To be honest, it never occurred to us here at the blog that the AARP was a particularly liberal group. We hadn’t really put much thought into it. But, when we reported last month on the American Seniors Association, it became obvious that some people out there seem to think the AARP is too liberal, and a similar organization with more conservative principles is important. Fair enough. But today we found another one: The Association of Mature American Citizens. Pretty soon, there are going to be as many conservative senior NGOs as there are Republican candidates for the presidency.



What Are You Doing with the Spray Paint, Grandma?

Hot on the tails of the article this blog covered about seniors engaging in pole dancing, we’ve come across an exciting “urban art” project in Portugal. No matter what you think of graffiti, it seems to be working well. Lara Seixo Rodrigues, a local, Portuguese woman who launched the project, says “They drop their crutches and put aside their walking sticks and jump to it.” One of her participants is 101 years old! So, if pole dancing isn’t your thing, maybe it’s time to start with the street art.



Seniors to Win with Upcoming Fed Rate Hike

Well, OK, maybe not all seniors; but seniors who supplement their social security income with interest on their savings are likely to do well. Higher interest rates are bad for borrowers, but they’re good for savers. Raising of interest rates is largely being contemplated as a tool to stop inflation. To be sure, a 1/4 basis-point raise won’t increase the amount of money seniors get from their savings accounts, but it may well make global commodities (like oil) cheaper, which makes everything cheaper for those who aren’t paying interest.

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