New Tech for New Retirement Living

Senior housing is experiencing massive growth and evolution. Driving some of the more interesting issues and discussions is the technology accompanying this growth. Technology is helping older Americans stay active and healthy, and is changing as fast as any segment of the tech industry today. And while this tech is helping some Americans stay in their homes longer, it is also helping to open up the positive aspects of assisted living as well, and is actually making assisted living a preferred choice for some. Read more here.

Transferring Your Estate The Right Way

Talking with anyone about their money is a conversation most people might choose to avoid. However, when considering how finances are maintained as you get older is a conversation that might have its time and place. Lack of preparation can not only complicate transfers of property and money, but may end up being extremely costly too. By discussing estate planning, you can ensure that your loved ones will enjoy the things you want them to have with the least amount of cost. Properly handling estate finances is not just for the wealthy. Read more here

The Tricks Scammers Use to Steal from Seniors

Scammers put a lot of work into making their scams believable and workable. They want to sell their story with urgency and the aim is to make you feel that the situation is real. The end result they seek is your money. Usually you may be able to sniff out a scam, but elderly folks are targeted far more often and may not be able to sniff out all of the scams they face. Paying attention and knowing some of the tricks scammers use can help your older loved ones to stay safe from scammers. Read more here.