3 More Ways to Avoid Being Scammed

A little more than half-way through this month’s celebration — Older Americans Month — Reform Online Lending provides some additional tips beyond those this blog covered from the FBI last week, to help seniors help avoid scams. Here are ways to recognize the most common scams involving consumer loans: no reputable lender will require you to pay by wire or send payments to a personal account; no reputable lender will ever threaten you with arrest or criminal charges; and no reputable lender will promise credit. You can take those tips to the bank.

Elder Fraud caution sign

Have You Heard of “Elder Orphans”?

We know what Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers are. We may be a little confused on Gen-Y vs. Millennial, but we know a golf-widow when we see one. But have you heard of “Elder Orphans”? The newness of the epithet notwithstanding, it’s actually based on a fairly shocking statistic. Apparently 25% of Americans (1 in 4) over the age of 65 either are, or are in danger of becoming, an elder orphan. The Economic Times reports on the issue which clearly represents a demographic change from even a few decades ago when the notion of an elderly person not having any family was certainly a rarity.

Lonely senior

Meet Robear

The Japanese have become infamous for some of their seemingly crazy inventions: from round, whole-glass sized ice cubes to the solar cigarette lighter. But this crazy invention just might be the future of elder care. The Verge covers Toshiharu Mukai’s invention in more detail.  Mukai hopes the bear will be more than just cute and powerful — that it will take care of you in the future.