The Next Billion Dollar Industry

One of the fastest growing segments of the elder care industry is at-home care services. The growth of the segment reflects a broad trend towards an aging-in-place movement that is defining the age group. The industry as a whole is projected to top 319 billion dollars in the U.S. by 2016. With growth like this, the industry will be in for major upheavals and constant change. How it will affect you and society in general is important. Read more here.

Preparing Your Home to Stay at Home

According to an AARP study, almost 90% of aging people prefer to live at home, wanting to spend their lives uninterrupted in the homes and communities where they had children, made friends and have good roots. However, the homes in which they live may be more suitable for the younger version of themselves. Here are a some interesting insights into the condition of your current home, and how it can be prepared to be a better home for you when you are older. Read more here.

New Tech for New Retirement Living

Senior housing is experiencing massive growth and evolution. Driving some of the more interesting issues and discussions is the technology accompanying this growth. Technology is helping older Americans stay active and healthy, and is changing as fast as any segment of the tech industry today. And while this tech is helping some Americans stay in their homes longer, it is also helping to open up the positive aspects of assisted living as well, and is actually making assisted living a preferred choice for some. Read more here.