1/3rd of You Will Live Longer Than You Think

Of course, it’s sensible that when making big medical or health decisions, you should take into account how much longer you’re likely to live. If the answer is either decades, or a few years, then you might reasonably make different decisions (e.g., if you’re going to live decades longer, then making lifestyle decisions to make those years happier is a reasonable choice). But for better or worse, 33% of seniors in a recent study underestimated how long they might live. Think twice, and kick those bad habits.

Good Health Signs


Seniors Still Read

The bad news? Americans aren’t reading as much  28% of Americans claim not to have read a single book in the last year, a figure up from 21% as recently as 2011. But the good news is, that while readership does tend to decline with age, senior citizens have managed to stay marginally ahead of the 50-64 year-old age group, with 69% of you having read at least one book in the last 12 months. The article also links to the original Pew survey, for those who want to dig into the details.



Another Unusual Elder in Sports

This blog has carried a couple of posts recently on some unusual activities in which the elderly are engaging around the world, but this one may take the cake. In fact, it’s not so much something that is a trend, with lots of the elderly engaging in it, but I do have to give this one particular full props. Nonagenarian Edith Traina took up the sport of power lifting at the age of 91. It will be truly exciting if she hits her goal: lifting 90kg for her 100th birthday! Tell the truth, don’t you fell just a little lazy now?