The Tricks Scammers Use to Steal from Seniors

Scammers put a lot of work into making their scams believable and workable. They want to sell their story with urgency and the aim is to make you feel that the situation is real. The end result they seek is your money. Usually you may be able to sniff out a scam, but elderly folks are targeted far more often and may not be able to sniff out all of the scams they face. Paying attention and knowing some of the tricks scammers use can help your older loved ones to stay safe from scammers. Read more here.

Planning Ahead to Pass Your Estate

There was a time in America when children took over the home of their parents after they passed. They simply moved in and took over, and the torch was passed with little more than a simple move-in. Back then, things were simpler: no Internet, no 24-hour news, and some would say a more reasonable approach to passing your home on to your kids. Today, there are a number of ways to pass on your home to the kids and some of them make for sensible estate-planning strategies too. The good thing is they can also be tax free. Read more here.

Finding Value in New Housing for Seniors

After the kids have moved away, the space you own feels like it just got a whole lot bigger. And that’s great for a time. Then it might feel too big. Then you retire and it becomes clear that the time to move has arrived. Looking for housing that fits your needs, has the amenities you want and is in a location you like may seem like a lot to ask, but preparing for the home search can help. Dealing with someone specifically tuned in to the needs and concerns of seniors may be the right move, with many agencies providing Senior Real Estate Specialists. Read more about affordable senior housing options here.