Finding The Place That Matches You and Your Interests

One of the great things about living a full life is that you are the master of your destiny. Your youth and vigor push you through all sorts of challenges and victories to create a life that is uniquely you. But as you grow older, the ability to push through some of life’s challenges requires a little help. While you still crave your lifestyle, you might be considering where you will live in your older years. Finding the places that match is getting a whole lot more interesting. Retirement communities across the country are becoming as diverse and unique as the people who gather there, with communities focusing on groups as diverse as Arts, Universities and even Grateful Dead communities. Read more here.

Welcome to my blog


And welcome to my blog. I’m Michael D. Weinraub, a certified elder law attorney*. My practice is holistic; not only do I offer Estate Planning and Administration, Guardianships and Special Needs Trusts, but I also help families plan for, pay for, and coordinate the long-term care of elderly loved ones. Here on my blog I post news tidbits that I find interesting and useful for the ageing and elderly.

I hope you find them useful as well, but either way, please feel free to leave comments. I look forward to hearing from you, and take your feedback seriously.

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The Next Billion Dollar Industry

One of the fastest growing segments of the elder care industry is at-home care services. The growth of the segment reflects a broad trend towards an aging-in-place movement that is defining the age group. The industry as a whole is projected to top 319 billion dollars in the U.S. by 2016. With growth like this, the industry will be in for major upheavals and constant change. How it will affect you and society in general is important. Read more here.