It’s 50:50 on The Aspirin

Science 2.0 reports that in a recent survey, slightly over half of all elderly Americans (52%) are currently taking aspirin, mainly for primary prevention of a first heart-attack or stroke. Unfortunately, while it’s 50:50 that an elderly person is taking aspiring, it’s also 50:50 whether it does good or harm. The FDA currently indicates that for every first heart-attack or stroke prevented, there’s also a major bleeding event that’s caused. Even in so-called “baby aspirin” dosages, aspirin is a blood thinner, and can cause bleeding events. This is currently a very contentious issue, and new research findings are coming out on a regular basis. If you haven’t yet had a heart-attack or stroke, and are considering aspirin as a preventative measure, you should definitely consult your doctor first.
Low dose aspirin in a heart shaped stethoscope